Aikapin – Envy

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artist : Aikapin
title : Envy
label : Notebook Records
catalog number : NBCD-014
price : 1785 yen

Here is the first full album by hardcore vocalist Aikapin, remarkable for her cute vocals on Roughsketch’s tracks “Grimm” and “Dolls”! She has also sung for songs by DJ Ikkodate, t-pazolite, DJ Shimamura, and Myosuke. Also on this album are the winning remixes from the Grimm remix contest!


01. Envy
02. Artifact
03. Not grace
04. Heavenly
05. Peep cheep
06. Marionette Soldier
07. Dream drop down
08. Somniferum
09. Faded rose
10. Fragile
11. Grimm (3R2’s Makina Remix)
12. Grimm (NiActivity Striker Mix)
13. Grimm (Ranzor Remix)

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