Kobaryo – Candy Speed Pops

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artist : Kobaryo
title : Candy Speed Pops
label : Psycho Filth Records
catalog number : PFSA002
price : 1,728 yen 

It’s been a year and a half since the release of his first album, and here is his second full album! It is definitely an interest mix of cute, pop-ish music and speed!

01 Cross The Finish Line [feat. ななひら]
02 Transceiver FX
03 Cartoon Candy
04 Dotabata Animation [feat. t+pazolite]
05 Milky Factory
06 Night of Core
07 Naughtyyy & Anarchyyy
08 New Game Plus (Love Plus rmx)
09 Magical Sanctuary
10 caramel machinegun [feat. kamome sano]
11 Magical Sanctuary (RoughSketch Remix)
12 Affiliate Requiem
13 Kick To The Sky (撲殺少女工房 Speedchip Remix)
14 Theme for Psychopath Justice
15 northern_limit [feat. せんざい]