nadeco – La concepcion 3

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artist : nadeco
title : La concepcion 3
catalog number : YTRR-011
price : 1296 yen 

Here is a new album by nadeco, representing different styles of makina like OldSkool, Evolutive, and B-form! Not only are there makina veterans Jordi-K Stana and DJ Contra making fantastic remixes, but also remixes by Japanese artists DJ Noriken and nora2r!

01.Revelation – nadeco & DJ DEPATH
02.Crypt Ghast – Conquistador
03.Clockworks (Jordi K-Stanya Remix) – nadeco
04.Evermind – nadeco
05.Acelerate (DJ Contra Remix) – nadeco
06.Period Base – nadeco
07.Serenity (nora2r Remix) – nadeco & hase
08.Vertical Limit (DJ Noriken Remix) – nadeco & DJ DEPATH
09.Selene – nadeco
Bonus Track
10.Hyper Melody – DJ Contra