Parallel Hardcore

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artist : V.A.
title : Parallel Hardcore
catalog number : MSTCD019
price : 1,944 yen

Rotterdam Techno was born over 20 years ago. After that it branched of into subgenres like gabber, happy hardcore, and others, sparking a worldwide movement that we see now as a huge hardcore techno scene. This album represents the 90’s early hardcore without rules that took the world by storm and that laid the foundation for the current hardcore scene, revived with state of the art tracks by talented artists from Japan and worldwide, such as M-Project, m1dy, DJ SHARPNEL, DJ Shimamura, RoughSketch, DJ Technorch, and Freezer, bringing you “new” early hardcore!

02 M-Project & Steve Heller feat. Jonjo – U Know I’m Hardcore (Hard Mix)
03 MUZIK SERVANT – Pump da Party
04 Casketkrusher – Kinetic Energy Penetrator (Double Penetration Mix)
05 RoughSketch – Fake Hardcore
06 DieTrax – CAN U DIG THAT ???
07 DJ Technorch – Roppongi Techno
08 Freezer – Beats And Bitches
09 Shironuri – White Label
10 DJ SHARPNEL – Something For Die
11 Coakira – Adrenaline
12 撲殺少女工房 – This Is Gamecore
13 OZIGIRI – Eternal Fuck Attack
14 m1dy – Dyin’ Times Here