M-Project – Project: Powerstomp 2

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artist : M-Project
title : Project: Powerstomp 2
catalog number : TFCD008
price : 1,620 yen

When I say “power”, you say “stomp”!

Here comes the second compilation of powerstomp tracks by M-Project, leading the way for powerstompers everywhere! There are newly written tracks as well as collaborations with Eufeion, MC Scotty G, Liqo, Ganah, Steve Heller, and Riko! This includes a remix of “Overpowering Enemies” by Joey Riot/Jaw-D!

01 Raver’s Delight (feat. Yuki)
02 Drop The Beat (feat. Liqo)
03 Hardcore Motherfucker (feat. Steve Heller)
04 Savage (feat. Jonjo)
05 Music Is Moving (feat. Riko)
06 Time To Shine (feat. DJ DEPATH/MC Scotty G)
07 Out Of My Life (feat. Eufeion)
08 Devastated (feat. Ganah)
09 Overpowering Enemies (Joey Riot vs Jaw-D Remix)
10 Shiny Disco Ball
11 Make Some Fukkin Noise (feat. Riko)