DJ SHARPNEL – パニソンはーこーパニック(Panison Hardcore Panic)

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artist : DJ SHARPNEL
title : パニソンはーこーパニック(Panison Hardcore Panic)
catalog number : SRPD-0005
price : 1,404 yen

2D anthems “GO MY WAY!!”, “太陽のFLARE SHERBET” (Taiyou no FLARE SHERBET), “アクティブ・ハート” (Active Heart), “Hey World”, and DJ SHARPNEL tracks “つぶやき魔法少女りむる” (Tsubuyaki Mahou Shoujo Rimuru) from SDVX, and “めいさいアイドル☆あいむちゃん♪” (Meisai Idol * Aimu-chan) from IIDX23) have all been “hardcored” at high speeds by DJ SHARPNEL feat. Mirai!  In addition, there is a “hypnotic capacity” version of “Trauma Hypnosis Girl Satori” from BeatStream, as well as a denpa Touhou vocal track. Here come 2D anthems accelerating at speeds that will panic the real world!
(13 tracks separated)

01. P.H.P intro -Gimme More BPM!!- / DJ SHARPNEL feat.みらい
02. GO MY WAY!! [Panison mix] / DJ SHARPNEL feat.みらい
03. 太陽のFLARE SHERBET [Panison mix] / DJ SHARPNEL feat.みらい
04. アクティブ・ハート [Panison mix] / DJ SHARPNEL feat.みらい
05. Hey World [Panison mix] / DJ SHARPNEL feat.みらい
06. トラウマ催眠少女さとり!(もっとトラウマMIX)/ DJ SHARPNEL feat. 一ノ瀬月琉
07. 無意識系非存在少女こいし(monochromed) / DJ SHARPNEL feat.大瀬良あい
08. GO MY WAY!![Panison mix](instrumental)
09. 太陽のFLARE SHERBET[Panison mix](instrumental)
10. アクティブ・ハート[Panison mix](instrumental)
11. HEY WORLD[Panison mix](instrumental)
12. トラウマ催眠少女さとり!(もっとトラウマMIX)(instrumental­)
13. 無意識系非存在少女こいし(monochromed)(instrumenta­l)