m1dy – Electronic Speed Music

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artist : m1dy
title : Electronic Speed Music
catalog number : MDSTCD052
price : 1,080 yen

“Speedcore Dandy” m1dy has released this spring new tracks containing “undanceable EDM”! These are newly written tracks filled with explosive speed that has been tuned to the “ultra-sound pressure” level! The main track is a new version of “m1dy is Sexy”, representing splittercore and other genres at a kawaii?? BPM of 800 and above, bringing you 5 tracks of “candy and destroy” erupting a lava flow of adrenaline to boost your brain! If you try to dance to this, you may soon need hospitalization! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

01 Harajuc Kandi Massacre
02 m1dy is Sexy [edit]
03 Everybody wants kiss
04 TakeShit Street Riot
05 Ibaraċ½