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artist: V.A.
title : ASTRONOMIA 2
catalog number : YTRR-010
price : 1,296 yen

This album released by YTR RECORDS commemorates their 10th release! And it’s the second in the popular B-Form/Evolutive compilation series!

While focusing on 2 genres that stem from makina, which are B-Form (Barcelona Freeform) and Evolutive Makina, all members from Japan and other countries came together to bring to the album their own special sound!

Like last time, presiding over B-Form Beats and genre standards Shox and jD-KiD have contributed. In addition, from Spain, Makina king Xavi BCN and veteran artisan Jordi-K Stanya are included. From Japan comes an ambush of talent, with music from DJ Noriken, Hommarju, and Relect!

And there’s a special surprise! From the previous release, the track “Set You Free – Shox Feat. Delice” has a remix by UK Hardcore genius Darwin! With Spain and Japan swirled up, do not miss this wonderful whirlwind of a mixture of culture and makina genres!


01. Mirror Universe – nadeco
02. Lost In Space – Shox & Eirbee
03. A Trip – Hase
04. Outer Space – Relect
05. Waves of Amber – DJ Noriken
06. Celestial Harmony – Jordi K-stanya
07. Emargency Base – Conquistador
08. Energy Wave – Hommarju
11. All Right – Xavi BCN
10. All We Are (jD-KiD Freeform Mix) – jD-KiD pres. Jurgen Hill & Arun
11. Set You Free (Darwin Remix) – Shox Feat. Delice