QURELESS – I am Dreamer!!!

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artist : QURELESS
title : I am Dreamer!!!
catalog number : MDSTCD049
price : 1080 yen

Very active in the past 2 years since their debut, creating dangerous tracks for a multitude of labels, the young rising star of Speedcore and digital hardcore QURELESS has released their first mini album with MADDEST CHICK’NDOM! The one to make a new generation of extreme music is here! Also, there’s a QURELESS punk cover of m1dy’s classic song “SPEEDCORE DANDY”!


01 More Mosh!!!!(Live Edit)
02 Perfect Justice
03 I am Dreamer!!!
04 Fuck Off!!「偽善者」?
05 Get A Gatling Bomber
06 SpeedCoreDandy (QURELESS Punkstyle☆)