OZIGIRI – 電子粉砕神罰 -Digital Grinding Retribution-

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artist : OZIGIRI
title : 電子粉砕神罰 -Digital Grinding Retribution-
catalog number : MDSTCD050
price : 1404 yen

Commemorating four years of Ozigiri, the solitary digital grind track maker with a cult following in the grindcore scene, a new full album has been released by MADDEST CHICK’NDOM! With skillfully and properly used growl and guttural screeching,  listeners will be at the mercy of burning stoic riffs, brash rhythms, and violent, at times catchy, sounds! On one disc you get a glimpse into the world of Ozigiri, from his first compositions to his newest! There’s also a remix track “handmade” by the SPEEDCORE DANDY himself, m1dy!


01. 神罰
02. Back To Hell
03. 40週後
04. 自罰
05. 因果応報
06. 救いはない
07. Treadmill Of Torture
08. Sweet Sweet Suicide
09. No Country For All Men
10. Love Is Eternal
11. 暴力的過保護者
12. 玉砕前夜
13. 玉砕前夜 (Party grind mix) Remixed By m1dy