M-Project – Project:Powerstomp

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artist : M-Project
title : Project:Powerstomp
catalog number : TFCD007
price : 1,620 yen


Commemorating his joining the leading Powerstomp label “Lethal Theory”, M-Project has released a new album filled with piping fresh hot Powerstomp! It includes a few tracks released digitally by Contagious Records, Scarred Digital, and The Chop Shop Digital, as well as Powerstomp versions of some of M-Project’s best Makina releases, such as the anthem “Melodies Of Passion II”!


01 Morning Light (Powerstomp Mix)
02 Lay Down The Beatz (feat. Dj Conrad)
03 X-Riot
04 Mental Asylum (feat. MC Vibrance)
05 DJ Rock
06 What’s Up (feat. Riko)
07 Rainbow Lights (Powerstomp Mix)
08 Melodic Storm (Powerstomp Mix)
09 Hardest Bass Around (feat. MC Steal)
10 Melodies Of Passion II (Powerstomp Remix)