Round Wave Crusher – Supremacy

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artist : Round Wave Crusher
title : Supremacy
catalog number : MSTBL063
price : 1,404 yen

Here comes the forefront of “Ryonacore”! A feast of blood and roaring begins once again with a new album by Round Wave Crusher, a pseudonym of Shingo DJ! These new tracks are packed with raging wild gabber kicks and nonstop girls shrieking, thus creating “Ryonacore”! Filled with Frenchcore, gabber, and speedcore, fear and horror, the most extreme hardcore painted in blood and entrails is finally here!


01 Fucking your brain (FRENCHCORE!)
02 Speed of Sound (TekNueve)
03 Supremacy (Stay!)
04 #Selfack
05 Dos Caramelos (Not exactly a remix)
06 H8 (To my lovely haters)
07 Is supposed to be 666 bpm (But is not)
08 Make it French Dem (Redo)
09 The End of the World (Goldencore redo)
10 GFY (Album Edit)
11 That Crushing Style (OOH MY!)
12 Loud Music (Kansen Satsujinki Remix)
13 FIN (Sad Panda)