Le Dos-on – Voice Of The Wolves

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artist : Le Dos-on
title : Voice Of The Wolves
label : Splash Energy Recordings
catalog number : SNRG-005
price: 1,296 yen

With releases on various freeform labels around the world such as “ReBuild Music”, “Freeformatted”, and “Relentless Digital, Le Dos-On has finally released his first album in the past 2 years! With swells, acid lines, and melancholic floaty melodies, here are 8 tracks with a signature FINRG sound! Freeform beginners and enthusiastic fans both will be satisfied!

01: Anastasia
02: Chaotic Infection
03: Voice Of The Wolves
04: Umbla
05: Tsukumogami
06: We Are Here, We Are Waiting
07: Signals Intelligence
08: Unnamed