Aikapin – JDM Freaks

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artist : Aikapin
title : JDM Freaks
label : Notebook Records
catalog number : NBCD-017
price : 1,620 yen

Intense run! Sprint! GO fast! This is super drive tune hardcore!

The queen of the hardcore techno world, Aikapin, has released her 2nd full vocal track album! There are 10 tracks, including new remixes of Aikapin hits “Grimm” and “Teleportation”. As you can see from the cover, the theme for this album is Japanese car tuning, with a focus on uptune hardcore, the optimal driving music! This work goes beyond genre borders and opens a new world of Aikapin with collaborations with a multitude of artists! Let’s take a road trip with this album on endless loop!

01. BLAST / Aikapin feat. NOIZE
02. Fairlady / Aikapin & RoughSketch
03. Burn Out! / Aikapin & RoughSketch
04. Dart Game / Aikapin feat. Liqo
05. Honey Fizzy / Aikapin feat. nora2r
06. Sunset Glow / Aikapin feat. PARKGOLF
07. Transmit / Aikapin feat. NiActivity
08. Grimm (Black Ace Remix) / Aikapin & RoughSketch
09. Teleportation (Massive New Krew Remix)/ Aikapin feat.DJ Shimamura
10. Fairlady (KAN TAKAHIKO Remix) / Aikapin & RoughSketch