Red Roses

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artist : V.A.
title : Red Roses
label : RTTF Records
catalog number : RTTF-0009
price : 1,429 yen

This is RTTF Records’ first Touhou compilation release! There are spot on club remixes of some of Touhou’s most famous music! Three of the tracks are extended (long) versions from music simulation games:
「Arch / Silver Impact (RRs update)」
「Shiron / Lunartic Dial (Extended Mix)」
「Hyuji / U.N. Owen was her? (Hyuji Extended Remix)」

Do a crazy dance feverishly, with the melody of blazing crimson and a danceable beat!

01. Hyuji / 儚く散る赤より紅い薔薇 ~ Garnet Glass
02. LUNA / Crimson
03. くるぶっこちゃん / Flight With You
04. Tracy / Awakening
05. kuroburger / cooling disorder
06. くっちー / Lock Da Patchouli
07. Arch / Silver Impact (RRs update)
08. Shiron / Lunartic Dial (Extended Mix)
09. heric / The Stone of Wisdom
10. Hyuji / U.N. Owen was her? (Hyuji Extended Remix)
11. Arch / good night scarlet