DJ Andy – NRC Top Remixer Single Koleksi #1 DJ Andy

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artist: DJ Andy
title: NRC Top Remixer Single Koleksi #1 DJ Andy
label : NRC JAPAN
catalog number : NRCJ001
price : 2,000 yen

One of the top remixers of the Funkot world, DJ ANDY, has finally compiled an album! Local Indonesian big hits and other musical sources have been “funkotted” into irresistible favorites all on one disc! This also includes a version of Funkot Anthem without the rap!

1. Funky Funky Groove
2. Voodoo People
3. Lumpuhkanlah Ingatanku
4. Oplosan
5. Bailar Megamix
6. The Hard Core Base
7. The Dark Rhythm
8. Funkot Anthem Unrap