Kobaryo – chaotic solutions

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artist : Kobaryo
title : chaotic solutions
label:Psycho Filth Records
catalog number : PFSA001
price : 1,512 yen

A mixture of jokes and chaos and madness, here is the first full album from a young powerful artist who recently burst to the scene, Kobaryo! In addition to newly written tracks, there are collaborations with t+pazolite and Akira Kanzaki (AKIRADEATH), remixes from Noizenecio and DJ Myosuke, a remake of a previously made track, and a new original vocal song, completing a fresh album filled with variety! Listen to the progressive sounds of Kobaryo now!
(14 tracks / separate)

01 Zero-Risk Syndrome
02 G.G.S.B.N.D.S.
03 Evolutier
04 Kumo No Kireme [feat. 紅燐。]
05 Aozora Gradation [feat. you]
06 Speedcore Psytama
07 G4M3-0V3R!!1
08 Nin Mint (Noizenecio Remix)
09 Carrionoid Amile (2014 Remix)
10 Attention Whore Magic [feat. kyou1110]
11 Crystal Meth Punk (RedOgre IMPERIAL PUNK DESTROY MIX)
12 Yura-Yura Sweet Genocide [feat. t+pazolite]
13 Clock Control (DJ Myosuke Remix)
14 PFi(3+n)YO [feat. Akira Kanzaki]