m1dy – 夢と無法の国 – The Kingdom Of Dreams And Outrage

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artist : m1dy
title : 夢と無法の国 – The Kingdom Of Dreams And Outrage
catalog number : MDSTCD042
price : 1,080 yen

Here is a new maxi single of fresh tracks by m1dy, everyone’s favorite speedcore dandy! The latest evolution of Tokyo Style Speedcore, we have 5 tracks running at the maximum level of madness! A sweeping storm of excessive speeds and unpredictable poppish tones roar, giving you on a one way ticket to “the kingdom of dreams and outrage”. Get ready for your trip to a new land!

01 Paint The Town Shit
02 Meat Head
03 All Nerds Hate Sports
04 Hardcore CrazEEEEE
05 Fuck The Duck