Altered state of Consciousness 

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artist : V.A.
title : Altered state of Consciousness 
label : Illegal wave Records
catalog number : IWRCD007
price : 1,296 yen

With this 7th album from Illegal wave Records comes two new faces: Engage Blue, an outstandingly talented producer who has had quite a few releases on overseas labels, and young rising star Kobaryo. The usual members of IWR still bring the ambush of sound, further intensified, completing a new compilation with a decadent violent view of the world.

01 Nihility – 300yEn Feat.MC Dahl Headland
02 Centillion – Succubus Helna
03 CounterCulture – 6th
04 Imitate -Morita yuuhei
05 irregular – colon
06 MASK – baruA
07 Overeen moment – Qerity
08 Backstabber – Kobaryo
09 Apoptosis – Engage Blue