World Super Tek Taisen PRIME

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artist : V.A.
title : ワールドスーパーテック大戦PRIME (World Super Tek Taisen PRIME)
catalog number : SRPD0002
price : 1,620 yen

The Hardtek War has begun.

We have here the start of a new hardtek compilation, featuring fast and catchy sound styles.

The hardtek monsters of Europe and Japan have gathered over space and time…

01 Dr.LoOney – Pony Killer Circus
02 LOLIPO – GG Matchmaking
03 Floxytek vs Billx – I’m on fire
04 Tanukichi – When you were fine
05 Loctek – Detective Miyako
06 .kom – TEKTRIS
07 DJ Sharpnel – Regression
08 Mat weasel busters – Better sweat