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artist : V.A.
title : GRIMCORE 2
label : salvation by faith records
catalog number : SBFR-0030
price : 1470 yen

Here is the very active in many genres circle “salvation by faith records” with their 2nd volume of their original hardcore techno compilation, with a variety of artists performing in their favorite hardcore techno genres to make this compilation very colorful! Special guests include a member of HARDCORE TANO*C who recently released a solo album and been active with salvation by faith records for over 6 years, t-pazolite! Also there is shisotex, active in the funkot genre! This is definitely a colorful, various compilation!


01 [UK Hardcore] Ravin’ Forever / sdhizumi
02 [UK Hardcore] complex breaking ball / hapinano
03 [HAPPY HARDCORE] HALP My Brain is Boiling Over!! / BACO
04 [UK Hardcore] HAPPY UK HARDCORE / B45H
05 [UK Hardcore] Degenerate Angel (Original Mix) / Takahiro Aoki
06 [Happy and Hardcore] Bloom in Gloom / t+pazolite
07 [Dubstyle] Caramel Bullet × Popgun / plastic
08 [Techno Rojak] Malaysia Tek Romance 2012 / Shisotex
09 [Drum’n’Bass] Aisle (Original Mix) / Thanatos
10 [SYMPHONIC HARDCORE] Storytelling -Fight against The Evil- / Soft Lab.
11 [UK Hardcore] Green Leaves / Hyuji
12 [UK Hardcore] Nostalgia / FUNEN