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artist : V.A.
title : Astronomia
catalog number : YTRR-007
price : 1,260 yen

Here we have YTR RECORDS’ 7th release and first compilation CD! A new style from Spain, “B-Form” (Barcelona Freeform), and a new evolution of makina named “Evolutive Makina” are featured on this compilation to show innovation and changes within the Makina genre!

The label that established the B-Form subgenre of makina, B-Form Beats, owned by Shox and prodigy jD-KiD from Spain, have participated on this compilation, as well as Ales, once again from Spain, from the popular makina label Sinthetic Records! Japanese artists DJ Noriken, DJ 490, and freeform master Le Dos-on show off their unique take on the freeform side!

What an awesome chance to experience the true Spain x Japan music connection!


01.Let There Be Light – nadeco feat.miso PLANet
02.Gravestorm – Conquistador
03.Deathless – JD-KiD
04.Blue Rose – Le Dos-on
05.Angel’s Ladder – DJ Noriken
06.Moon’s Love – Ales
07.Astronomia – nadeco
08.Aurora Polaris – DJ 490
09.Set you Free – Shox feat.Delice
10.Wing Melody – nadeco

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