MUZIK SERVANT & V.A – Locus to the Moon

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artist : MUZIK SERVANT & V.A
title : Locus to the Moon
catalog number : SK-04
price : 1260 yen

Creator of many songs on the music arcade game SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH and official remixes of popular bishoujo PC games, MUZIK SERVANT has released a 4th original album! With bold remixes of older tracks by cobalt green, gya9, and Freezer, this is a must listen for all J-core and Hardcore fans!

Track List:
01 passing blue / MUZIK SERVANT feat CHERICa
02 Fly me to the moon (Drum&Bass Remix) / MUZIK SERVANT feat CHERICa
03 Autum Love / MUZIK SERVANT
04 Fly me to the moon (SERVANT KLANGZ Hardcore Remix) / MUZIK SERVANT feat CHERICa
05 raison d’être (gya9 remix) / MUZIK SERVANT feat CHERICa
06 Re;each sights (cobalt green remix) / MUZIK SERVANT feat CHERICa&masaji
07 draw (Freezer Remix) / MUZIK SERVANT feat masazi Remxied by Freezer
08 Fly me to the moon (Hardcore Remix off vocal) / MUZIK SERVANT
09 passing blue (Instrumental) / MUZIK SERVANT

Listen to previews: AUDIO1 AUDIO2 AUDIO3