Mid Heaven

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artist : V.A.
title : Mid Heaven
label : Illegal wave Records
catalog number : IWRCD006
price : 1260 yen

Illegal wave Records has released their 6th compilation CD! IWR has further evolved and welcomed 2 new members Qerity and 300yEn, with two guest tracks by DJ Myosuke and kenta-v.ez, two of Japan’s most gifted creators. With violent deep bass combined with a world of decadence, welcome to the world of hardcore…

01 AfterLife – 6th & Qerity Ft. MC Dahl Headland
02 The Unreal Gangsta – Succubus Helna
03 Like a Butterfly – Morita yuuhei
04 Gloom – colon
05 The Humanity – Succubus Helna
06 Brain noize – baruA
07 Slug – Morita yuuhei
08 Rise Against – 300yEn
09 Blackguard – DJ Myosuke
10 shArpNEss of frEquENcy – kenta-v.ez

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