DJ Kurara – Mashcore Punishment

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artist : DJ Kurara
title : Mashcore Punishment
catalog number : MSTBL056
price : 1365 yen

The ultimate mashcore album has been finally released by DJ Kurara! In a hodgepodge of an assortment of tracks, from Hardtek、Frenchcore、Speedcore、 to Breakcore and even Extratone! With this kind and that kind of track built into disorder, will you ever be able to comprehend the whole original story??


01. Last First Kingdom
02. Absurd Fuck To The Pop Music
03. Clarity The Big Boss
04. Reason Of Dance
05. Wake Heart Breakcore
06. She Is Extraterrestrial Life
07. Gaudy Rape Machine
08. Everybody Dance Killer
09. You Will Be Speed My Tetris
10: Be My Extratone
11. Gothic Wolf
12. O Fuck You My Life
13. Extreme Blender
14. Pika Club (Insane Punishment Edit)

Listen to previews: AUDIO1 AUDIO2 AUDIO3