M-Project – Blood, Sweat, and Makina

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artist: M-Project
album: Blood, Sweat, and Makina
catalog number: TFCD004
price: 1,575 yen

The long awaited new album from M-Project is here! This time we have happy, uplifting makina melodies, the fruit born of the blood and sweat of M-Project and his collaborations from other well-known makina artists overseas, like 3R2 from Taiwan, PJ Makina from Scotland, SPeeDX and Xavi BCN from Spain, Daniel Seven from Italy, as well as his brother from another mother DJ DEPATH, and vocalists Yuki and Zoe Van West! We can feel the blood and sweat poured to make classic makina from around the world!


01 Blood, Sweat & Makina
02 Fountain Of Remembrance
03 The Turbulence of Awakening (feat. 3R2)
04 Rhythm Of Love (feat. Yuki)
05 Cosmic Forge (feat. PJ Makina)
06 Crimson Viper (feat, DJ DEPATH)
07 Synthetic Sky
08 Mind Activation (feat. SPeeDX)
09 Lost In The Rave (feat. Zoe Vanwest)
10 Genesis (feat. Daniel Seven)
11 Magnetic Dreams (feat. Xavi BCN)

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