USHC Vol.1

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artist : V.A.
title: USHC Vol.1
label : X-TREME HARD
catalog number : XHCD017
price : 1575 yen

Under the supervision of Rhythmics and M-Project, and new project has formed to highlight hardcore produced in the United States: USHC Vol.1, released my X-TREME HARD!  FUTURE WORLD affiliates Rhythmics and T2Kazuya are featured, as well as other American producers Apex、Nakura、Hase、Kman.、and Moogl3! The response has been immense from the second “Rhythmics & Yukacco – 夢までの道” was uploaded on Soundcloud, so take a listen for yourself below!


01 Rhythmics & Yukacco – 夢までの道
02 T2Kazuya – Landing Field
03 M-Project Feat. Zoe VanWest – Lost In The Rave (Exhilaration Remix)
04 Apex – Touch The Sky
05 Kman. – Follow Me
06 Nakura – Oxygen
07 Hase – Friky Rmx
08 Etch – Good Vibes
09 Doofus da Dingo – Rainbow Express
10 Moogl3 – It’s Never Enough

Listen to previews: AUDIO2 AUDIO2 AUDIO3