DJ Myosuke – Ugly Verse

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artist : DJ Myosuke
title : Ugly Verse
label : Japanese Stream Hardcore
catalog number : JSHSA001
price : 1470 yen

Break the you that is hiding sins~

2 years from releasing his first album “Unprepareness”, DJ Myosuke has completed his 2nd album! Centered on a destructive yet lyrical unique style, he changed his style just a little bit to make sure his music would evolve. His music has recently been getting a lot of attention after one of his remixes won a contest in Europe. Yukacco, who has been actively singing in many hardcore tracks, is featured in the title track, “Ugly Verse”. There are remixes by kenta-v.ez., SOLIDBOX RECORDS owner Noizenecio, and a bold (dubstep) remix by USAO from HARDCORE TANO*C. There are collaborations with our old friend moro, QUIL, and American resident MC and producer core mc, in addition to remasters of previously recorded songs!


01 DJ Myosuke feat.Yukacco – Ugly Verse
02 DJ Myosuke – Nightmare Empire
03 DJ Myosuke & QUIL – Flying Kaos
04 DJ Myosuke – Indigo
05 DJ Myosuke – DANZETSU
06 DJ Myosuke – Secondary Effects
07 DJ Myosuke – WAZA
08 DJ Myosuke feat.chitamo – ANCIENT
09 DJ Myosuke & moro – Quietus
10 DJ Myosuke – RE-boot
11 DJ Myosuke feat.core mc – Core Strike Wicked
12 DJ Myosuke – WAZA (kenta-v.ez. rEmix)
13 DJ Myosuke feat.chitamo – ANCIENT (Noizenecio Remix)
14 DJ Myosuke – RE-boot (USAO Remix)

Listen to previews: AUDIO1 AUDIO2 AUDIO3