CJ Alarm – Journey Through Planet Alarm Part 1

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artist : CJ Alarm
title : Journey Through Planet Alarm Part 1
label : Makinaforce Recordings
catalog number: MKFE8
price : 1,890 yen

After 4 years of silence, one of the most important artists in the makina scene has made a comeback! In addition to tracks from 1999 to 2009, there’s new music created this year! With tracks carefully selected out of a 100, you can bet that this album packs a powerful punch! (And we hope that the “Part 1” means there is more to come!)

01. Alarmat
02. Quake
03. On Fire
04. Innova 6
05. Eleizeria
06. Okular
07. No More Suffering
08. Agnostik
09. Ecstasy
10. Prisma
11. Oceanic
12. Magical Place

Listen to previews here: AUDIO1 AUDIO2 AUDIO3