artist : V.A.
title : BASSCORE
label : クセモノレコーズ (Kusemono Records)
catalog number : KSMN-018
price : 1050 yen

There is so much going on on this album that I don’t even know where to begin! What a great variety of hardcore and dubby wub wubs to please fans of both hardcore and dubstep! We have  Synagi from Re-Endz.Recordingz, bright sounds from Яok!, Charlotte from CIO, you from For you sounds/D.S.K. Recordz, east romantic electro from Nine Connect,  sToRm ohyama bring us sounds from Canada, and DJ Shandy Kubota from UOM Records / U.T.Y.! All combined to make the distinctive sound that has become part of the Kusemono crew!

In addition to melodic hardcore and some gabber, we have 3dNOW bringing dubstep, Ottiki with some drum n bass, and BRZion with noisekick!


01. Synagi – Aerial
02. you – Sleeping Knights
03. Яok! – Ambitious
04. Ottiki – Sapporo VS Nopporo
05. BRZion – Kickbass Invader
06. sToRm ohyama – Stealth Marketing
07. Ottiki&Charlotte – 紛い物外伝-MAGAIMONO GAIDEN- feat.犬田彦(臨界モスキー党)
08. 3dNOW – ad Boy
09. east romantic electro – Astaroth
10. 3dNOW – Defilement(It’s Gonna Get Nasty)
11. DJ Shandy Kubota – Growl Enemy

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