RTTF Remixes


artist : V.A.
title : RTTF Remixes
label : RTTF Records
catalog number :RTTF-0007
price : 1500 yen 

Here we have a compilation of various artists collaborating to make awesome remixes of RTTF Records best hits! With special guest from England, JAKAZiD, our favorite loveable producer of great music game and hardcore tracks, with his beautiful interpretation of Hyuji’s “Huge Frontier”! On one disc are wonderful chefs adding new delicious flavors to your favorite dishes–if you don’t believe me, just look at the cover!

01. Hyuji / Huge Frontier (JAKAZiD Remix)
02. ゆんゆん / Archiving the memory (MAYA AKAI Remix)
03. Tosh / Stand By (Hyuji’s Flight Remix)
04. MAYA AKAI / TechnoLoid (LUNA Remix)
05. II-L feat. amelie / すなどけい (Yamajet Dreaming House Remix)
06. Y! amajet / Drifting (ゆんゆん the Sky House Remix)
07. MK / Jupiter (Tomohiko Togashi Remix)
08. Sound Dice feat. ここあ* / I found the love (Shouya Namai Remix)
09. TadashiYamamoto / kindly breeze (Hyuji’s Summer Party Remix)
10. MAYA AKAI / TechnoLogico (heric’s “Chip’in Future” Remix)
11. Hyuji feat. えみゅう。/ Night Queen (ANKI Remix)
12. RedOgre / The 3rd Raid (Hommarju Remix)
13. Hommarju / Requiem K.626 Dies Irae (Takahiro Aoki Remix)
14. TadashiYamamoto / momiji

Listen to previews: AUDIO1 AUDIO2 AUDIO3