Makina Hardcore Pandemic


artist : V.A.
title : Makina Hardcore Pandemic
label : Makinaforce Recordings
catalog number : MKFE1
price : 1890 yen

To help bring the makina scene out of the shadows, Makinaforce has started a new compilation series, and this is the first of it, featuring the best makina creators from around the world, like Ruboy, Ray&Suly, Xavi BCN, M-Project, DJ Kapital, DJ Makina, DJ Gary MC, and the extremely elusive but wonderful DJ-Technetium, all brought together on one compilation CD!

listen to previews:



01. UVPX – Everlasting
02. DJ Gary MC VS DJ Serna & DJ Ruboy – El Taxo
03. M-Project – Route 143
04. Obsys – Nature of Sound
05. DJ Gary MC – Movimiento (PJ Makina Version)
06. Ray & Suly – Oclusion
07. PJ Makina – Highway 61
08. Overdrive Electronic Records – Live Without You
09. Xavi BCN & Hase – Molecular
10. DJ-Technetium – Tc-ma_014
11. DJ Kapital – No Limits

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