Who wants free j-core? (Legally!)

Here is a nice compilation of many hardcore artists from overseas and Japan! Some of the artists on this free compilation are also on many other albums available on j-core.biz, so if you find a new artist, give them a try!

If you like an artist from this series, find their name tagged or search their name in our blog search function to find other albums they are on.

Here is some information about the free download from their website:

“This is a collaboration project of W.T.F. Records and Anything Records.
But the scale weren’t smaller than them.
Many people or Netlabel of member from Japan and other countries joined.
Now, we prepared two albums in this “One Invitation”, “Blue Side” and “Red Side”.
Blue side has UK Hardcore or Makina, cheerful tracks together, and Red side has Speedcore, Gabba and Frenchcore, stonger and speedy tracks together.
This is the huge “invitation”. Just feel it. “

Download it here and enjoy! 


Blue Side:

2:daybreaker (2011 remaked) – ikaruga_nex
3:髪金変態ズィガズィッガー – City of City
4:Bubblegum-breaks – MO
5:kaichou – FANGiRL
6:zenos – so-fram*c
7:confused – Volvic
8:Concerto No. 13 “DEATH” – DJ CLONEPA
9:Despair of Disharmony (Istapp vs Vanr Remix) – Ron
10:te pierdo – Ron
11:Theme Of Luck – XIO
12:Bad Barn – Bitbasic
13:Escalier – Xystran
14:Mighty Club – Rex Buron
15:Fireworks – Yukimura
16:Lifeworld – Helblinde & Melancholia
17:Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence -aran remix- – aran

Red side:

1:Shocking Sting – XampaNoiD
2:Disobey And Die (HugTic Remix) – DJ Triex
3:S to M – H.U.T GiGAR
4:Weird end – Tao H
5:The train ran over and killed her excluding her hand – totsumal
7:You Want To Be It! (Mystic.47 Remix) – TheEsNO
8:Level 69 – Helblinde
9:秋山死ね – Res.Izm
10:Sampling Junkieee!!! – B45H
11:BeastX – Tao H
12:FLASH!!! – Res.Izm
13:Goddamnation – Kyou
14:J.T.Signal – .kom
15:scabbed – LINDA
16:bing up – Axcel Boya