RR vs. Nish — Vortech Anthem 2012


artist: RR vs. Nish
title : Vortech Anthem 2012
label : Harderground Recordings
catalog number : HRD-023
price : 1260 yen


The party anthem for “VORTECH”, a tech dance / hard dance event held in Shizuoka, Japan, has been released! Event organizer and DJ яR collaborated with Harderground Recordings’ NISH, spinning a number of tracks from overseas. In addition to this hard and banging track, there are remixes by VORTECH resident DJ Q with R135Tracks’ Ryoji Takahashi in a unit together called “ATMOSPHERE” with a trancy remix.  Music maker for Konami’s beatmania series and famous overseas for his tech dance productions, MAD CHILD also has an exploding hoover remix. Lastly we have DJ AUDY, a popular female Canadian DJ featured in DJ magazines. This is a great taste of true tech dance with a variety of awesome artists remixing an anthem tune to make your 2012 even hotter!
listen to previews:


track list:

1. Original Mix
2. Atmosphere Remix
3. Mad Child Remix
4. DJ Audy Remix
5. Harderground Promo DJ Mix