The Drug of Nerdholic


artist : V.A.
title : The Drug of Nerdholic
label: ろりすたいる☆がばーず (Lolistyle GabberS)
catalog number : LGCD-004
price: 1785 yen

You need to be administered with the proper dosage of LSG!  Now you can overdose on aggressive nerdcore with Lolistyle GabberS’ 4th album! This time, nerdcore master DJ Sharpnel has joined the battle in creating an album with more sophistication and variety in genre! And popular Japanese hardcore gabber artist DJ Myosuke had an emotional mastering of the album. I’m sure a dose of LSG will make it all better!

listen to previews:



01. Intro / Dustboxxxx
02. Happy Maniax / Dustboxxxx
03. Jersey☆Spirit/DJ Sharpnel
04. Baby,please kill me / In_Chiki
05. Takabisha / Liptonic
06. Pa-Pa-Tekno / Dustboxxxx
07. 二言目 / In_Chiki
08. Undead Of Another / Dustboxxxx
09. Horrible narrative / Liptonic
10. Black Energy / Dustboxxxx
11. Twilight World / Dustboxxxx
12. Under The Wheel 2012 / Dustboxxxx
13. My dearest(Happyhardcore remix) / Dustboxxxx vs In_Chiki
14. sakurakiss / In_Chiki
15. Tell Your Name / Dustboxxxx