TANUKI — Reanimate


artist : TANUKI
title : Reanimate
label : X-TREME HARD
catalog number : XHCD011
price: 1300 yen

Energetically supported by labels like MOB SQUAD TOKYO, M.P.T., and X-TREME HARD, Tanuki has come out with a new mix CD, “Reanimate”, featuring his best tracks! Until now there are no albums exclusively with Tanuki’s tracks, so this is a great joy to all Tanuki fans! You can hear Tanuki’s tracks flowing right into another one beautifully all on one disc! Some of the tracks you can find are remixes like Starry Sky, Close to Me, Deep Fried Mars Bar, Sun Light Star, Secret Base, his collab with M-Project in Frozen Storm and remix of Route 143, and his original tracks like Hollow.

(1 track / non-stop mix)

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