RoughSketch VS OZIGIRI – Doppelganger Genocide!!!!!


artist: RoughSketch VS OZIGIRI
title : Doppelganger Genocide!!!!!
label : Notebook Records
catalog number : NBCD007
price : 1365 yen

A doppelganger is said to be when you see an exact copy of yourself or when someone else sees a copy of you. If you ever find your doppelganger, legends says it means you will die soon, and it’s your own ghost looking at you.

Organized by Notebook Records, with high quality mainstream hardcore produced by RoughSketch, and MOB SQUAD TOKYO’s digital grindcore maverick OZIGIRI, this merciless split mini album will show you both of their doppelgangers raging through music!

So are they doppelgangers of each other? I don’t think they look anything alike. Ozigiri always looks so beautiful~

My favorite song is “Soldier”, which you can hear in the first preview below!

listen to previews:


01. RoughSketch – Soldier
02. OZIGIRI – Clone Wars
03. OZIGIRI – Stand Up!
04. RoughSketch vs OZIGIRI – Doppelganger Genocide
05. RoughSketch – Demon Party of Japan
06. RoughSketch – Fat Walk
07. OZIGIRI – Wake Up Feeling Fuck
08. OZIGIRI – Hypocrisy Killed The Hamster
09. RoughSketch – No More Loop
10. DJ Plague – Terror In Your Mind (RoughSketch Remix)
11. OZIGIRI – Unreal Youth (RoughSketch Remix)
12. RoughSketch – Susukino Fuck Face(from tokyo mix)Remixed by OZIGIRI