NISH — Sagittarius 2011


artist: NISH
title : Sagittarius 2011
label: Harderground Recordings
catalog number : HRD020
price : 1,575 yen

To celebrate Harderground Recordings’ 20th musical release, here comes a 2-disc album of remixes of the legendary track “Sagittarius”, famous world-wide in the trance scene, with remixes by YOJI protege Night Liberator, as well as the winners of the remix contest for the song, like kors k and Groovetune! Included is a bonus CD that has a 2011 version / rework of the song!

listen to previews:


Sagittarius 2011
1. Sagittarius (Atmosphere’s Dubsphoric Remix)
2. Sagittarius (Night Liberator Remix)
3. Sagittarius (Tomoyuki Sakakida Remix)
4. Sagittarius (kors k Remix)
5. Sagittarius (Takaki Matsuda Remix)
6. Sagittarius (adukuf Remix)
7. Sagittarius (Shriekerz Hardstyle Remix)
8. Sagittarius (Groovetune Remix)
9. Sagittarius (DJ Arisa Remix)

Bonus CD
1. Sagittarius (Nish Rework)
2. Sagittarius (Jason Cortez Remix)
3. Selected of Harderground (DJ Mix)
4. Sagittarius (Alphazone Remix)
5. Sagittarius (Original Mix)